Why choose the Admission Service Plans?

Choosing one of our plans is assuring you that the whole submission of your application file will be done in time, complete and without any lacks.

The three university dedicated admission service plans are designed to meet a majority of your needs when applying to a Romanian Medical College.

Here’s what the Admission Service Plans offer you and why we believe that choosing them over the Only Translation Plan will be more convenient:

  • assistance during the whole admission procedure, or in other words, we are here for you. We understand the difficulties that you may meet when dealing for the first time with another culture and endless lists of requirements. We’ll support, guide and be in contact with you throughout the entire procedure.    
  • legal advice, offering you a professional and formal opinion regarding the methods and how things are in practice.
  • translations into Romanian for an unlimited number of pages according to the list of documents required by each University and legalization at the notary public.
  • we’ll add up the extra copies after the translated and legalized documents at the notary public.
  • certified copies needed in order to complete the application file.
  • after all the procedure is ready, color PDF scans of all the translated documents will be uploaded on your private account on studyinro.ro
  • assurance that not a single document from the application file will be left out or forgotten.
  • request you the missing files, if there will be any.
  • you can contact us at any times regarding whatsoever questions or concerns you may have.

Don’t let it be a heavy load on your shoulders. Choose the Admission Service Plan that best suits you. Get in contact with us and let us be a part of your team. Allow us to assist you in making the first steps into your career.