Service Plan Description

Wide explanation regarding the services that each plan contains.

 Educational Consultancy = Starting with our very first conversation, whether is via email, phone or WhatsApp, we will focus all our efforts/energy in helping and advising you regarding the admission procedure. We will answer to all your questions in reference with choosing the right university, the entry requirements, procedures and any other questions or concerns you may have. Our main purpose is for you to find the university that best suits you and is in your interest zone, making the whole process smoother and easier.

 Legal advice = Having into consideration that the whole admission procedure implies getting in contact with public institutions and notaries, we will offer you a professional and formal opinion regarding the substance and procedures with all the competent authorities that you may have to deal with.

 Translations & Notary Legalization = the translation procedure implies the following: after we receive the documents from you, each of it will be translated by an authorized translator from the source language in the targeted language. All translators with whom our agency works are authorized by the Romanian Ministry of Justice.

After the translation is finished, we will intermediate for you the notarial legalization procedure, by presenting the translations to the notary’s office, where he will apply his signature and stamp.

Extra copies of translations (legalizations) = According to each university methodology procedure, we will add up the extra copies after each document. We will print again the already translated document and prepare it in order to be legalized at the notary.

Certified copies = documents which do not need to be translated can be certified at the notary public. In order to be able to legalize copies of foreign documents by Romanian notaries, prior to legalization they need to be targeted by a translator authorized by the Ministry of Justice by applying the translator’s signature and stamp. Afterwards the document can be presented to the notary public in order to be certified.

Note: All documents which are translated by our agency don’t need to be certified at the notary public, since our translations already have included the certified copy after the document in the language of issuance.

 Document Scan Services = After the translation and legalization procedure is finished, we will colour-scan all your documents in PDF format and send them on your email address. In this way you can later upload them on the universities online platforms.

 Free Account = By registering on you will have your own private Dashboard containing important fields regarding the contracted services, real-time status of your orders and all the changes that occur, downloads section, which can be easily accessed by you at any time.

 Downloads (Methodology & Forms) = Having an account gives you the chance to quickly access the methodology procedure of the university that you are applying to, along with all the forms that need to be filled in and sent to the university and to the Ministry of Education. You will no longer need to search for them on the university’s website.

 Free File Storing (Translations) = Through this service we will upload on your private account all the PDF color scans after your translated documents. They will be safely stored and can be accessed and downloaded by you anytime for a period of 6 months.

 AFM (Admission File Management) = Refers to the fact that when you choose the delivery option of documents straight towards the university (whether is by shipping to UMF or by us presenting all the documents personally to UMF), we will carefully prepare the whole file according to the universities requirements. We will make sure that nothing is missing and all the files are complete and in the exact number of copies that is required.

 FS (File Submission) = Represents the process of submitting your application file to the university. Within this service, you can choose the option of sending the file via a fast courier to the university Foreign Students Department or we can personally hand in your application to UMF Tg. Mures and UMF Cluj.

 UFS (University File Submission) = By contracting this service, we will personally hand in your application file to UMF Tg. Mures and UMF Cluj.

WWD (World Wide Delivery) = All the translated documents can be sent to an address which is mentioned by you, via Romanian Post Office (it takes around 7-10 working days until you will receive the originals) or via DHL (maximum 2-3 working days).