Frequently Asked Questions

Q&A’s regarding the Application process, Translations and Account:

1. Why should I choose the Educational Consultancy service?

Through our educational consultancy you will receive all the information needed in order to prepare the application file accordingly to each Medical College requirements. We understand the difficulties that you may meet when dealing for the first time with another culture and endless lists of requirements. We’ll support, guide and be in contact with you throughout the entire procedure,making sure that the application file is complete and nothing is missing.

2. What is AFM (Admission File Management)?

Refers to the fact that when you choose the delivery option of documents straight towards the university (whether is by shipping to UMF or by us presenting all the documents personally to UMF), we will carefully prepare the whole file according to the universities requirements. We will make sure that nothing is missing and all the files are complete and in the exact number of copies that is required.

3. What is FS (File Submission)?

Represents the process of submitting your application file to the university. Within this service, you can choose the option of sending the file via a fast courier to the university Foreign Students Department or we can personally hand in your application to UMF Tg. Mures and UMF Cluj.

4. How much does the translation of documents costs?

The cost depends on the plan that you decide to choose. For an exact price quotation please  use the request quotation form on the home page of

5. From which languages do we translate?

Our portfolio includes 32 languages from which/in which we can translate.

6. Will the translations be legalized at the notary public?

Yes. All documents that you sent will be legalized at the notary public. This means that besides the authorized translator’s signature and stamp, all documents will bear the stamp of a notary public who exercises his function on Romanian territory.

7. Will I receive scans after the translated documents?

Yes, after we have all the translation procedure ready and before sending the original documents to you or to the University (depending on the option that you request), they will be color scanned at a high quality and loaded in the “Downloads” section of your free account on

8. Is it possible to pick-up the translated documents from your office in Tîrgu Mureș?

Sure. Simply let us know that you prefer this option and tell us the exact date in which you will come by. Our location: 4 Bolyai Street, 540064 Tîrgu Mureș, Romania.

9. How can I make the payment?

You will find all the bank details in which you can make the payment into your private account, Contracted Services section. By contracting our services the Invoice will automatically be generated with all the information needed in order to make the payment.

10. How can I create an account on your website?

First, you need to get in contact with us and establish the more convenient Admission Plan that suits you. After we have these details sorted out we will create the free account and provide you with a user name and a password, which you will change after the first log in.

11. What benefits do I get by having the free account?

By having the free account you will have full access to STUDYinRO’s Dashboard. Here you can find important fields regarding the contracted services, real-time status of your orders and all the changes that occur, downloads section, which can all be easily accessed by you at any time.