Discover our Top 3 Romanian Medical Colleges

Starting from 2016 our Top 3 Romanian Medical Colleges got more clear with each year passing by. After more than 200 applicants contracted our services for the admission to Medical Colleges, we present you our Top 3, in the order of preferences:

  1. Tirgu Mures University of Medicine and Pharmacy – the main advantage that University of Tirgu Mures has besides the others, is the Early Admission Session. Each year, during the whole month of March students can already apply to this University. It offers them the chance to secure their place long before all the other admission sessions start. The results are posted in the beginning of May, so this gives them the opportunity to also apply to other universities if the Early Admission didn’t ended up in a favorable result.
  2. Cluj Napoca University of Medicine and Pharmacy, Iuliu Hatieganu – a lot of applicants choose Cluj University due to the numerous students that are already giving life to the city. It is well known that Cluj has a prosperous student-life, with a lot of activities and cultural diversity.
  3. Timisoara University of Medicine and Pharmacy, Victor Babes –  receives students from all over the world, offering opportunities and making their choices based only on the school records and diploma, no additional certificates of voluntary activity/internships being needed.

Romania has a world-wide reputation as being a center of excellence in learning, teaching and practice. Romanian Medical Colleges have been receiving thousand of students from all over the world. It is the best choice you can make: vast cultural diversity, high quality education, modern and complex facilities for teaching and learning, low living costs. You get the advantage of a wonderful blend of tradition and modernity, helping you develop and grow quickly and entirely.