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Gather all information 5 of 9 Romanian Medical Colleges already published their Methodology regarding the requirements of the admission process that is about to start soon.  Targu Mures, Cluj Napoca, Bucuresti, Timisoara and Iasi are the first ones to publicly release all the information that you need to know in… Read More

Early Admission starts today

Early Admission starts today The countdown is over. Early Admission starts today! For one month (1st - 31st of March) prospective students have the chance to apply to Tirgu Mures Medical College, the only University across Romania which has the Early Admission session, through which future students can secure their… Read More

What should I choose?

What should I choose? We understand the difficulties that you may encounter when trying to prepare your admission file for one of the Romanian Medical Colleges. An endless list of requirements, different procedures from the ones in your country, all this leading to a lot of questions to which you… Read More

Admission Kickoff

Admission Kickoff Starting with the month of January we declare the Admission procedure open! If you decide to contract our services in the first two months, you will receive a 15% discount for any of the three Admission Service Plans. You have the opportunity to secure your place to Tirgu… Read More

2018 strive for more

2018 strive for more In 2018 our STUDYinRO team successfully provided complete translation services for more than 90 students. It was an engaging year, but full of rewarding feedback from the applicants. Through this year, our whole spectrum in regard to the admission procedures and the methodologies of each Medical… Read More