Tips for Completing Your Statement of Intent

Some of the Romanian Medical Colleges, in addition to a completed online application, require to submit a Statement of Intent. This is really the piece of the puzzle that needs the most thought. But you can do it! Here are some tips to help you start and finish.

Familiarize yourself with the idea. Knowing what you’ll need to write about may lead to an idea when you’re standing in line at the supermarket or during a school break. Take a pencil and make a quick and short scratch.

Set an actual alarm to start writing. If you’re the kind of person who lives and breathes by their smartphone reminders or paper planner, set a real date until you need to have everything finished. Use the time wisely, but also give yourself time to make the best of it!

Think about what’s important to you. It’s as easy as that. These topics are about YOU. Write what you know, what are your sincere and undisguised plans regarding your medical education, which are your extracurricular activities that you are most proud of and why, how do you intend to make an impact, who or what has influenced your decision to apply for a medical college. Be yourself and stay true to your style.

Finish up someplace you won’t be distracted. A coffeehouse and a good pair of headphones, your emptied out classroom —wherever you can find a quiet space to dig in and focus, spend a good chunk of time there to wrap up your answers and enjoy the process.

Proofread your answers, submit your doc, and relax. If you need a fresh set of eyes looking for typos, there’s no shame in having a friend or colleague proofread your answers. Another proofing tip we like: read your answers aloud. It’s easier to catch mistakes that way. Then when you’re feeling good with what you wrote, don’t overthink; hit submit and relax.

Should you have any further questions about the admission procedure or want to talk more about why a Romanian Medical College is worth it, reach out to us at any time. Good luck!