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Octavian Coita

Tel. +4 0744 654 656

Mail: lotusimobil@yahoo.com

Mihai Moldovan

Tel. +4 0742 245 782

Mail: mihai.lotusimobil@yahoo.com

Octavian and Mihai, the real estate agents from „Lotus” in Tirgu Mures, through their partnership with Lex Logos Romania, offer you real estate services and will answer to all your accommodation related questions.

Lotus Real Estate Agency is one of the oldest and well known real estate agencies in Tirgu Mures. Their persistence in doing things as good as possible, made them pass the time test and their partnership with our company represents one more confirmation of their valuable work.

They know what you feel when you arrive in a foreign country. They know how much you would love to have someone help you find your home away from home, to offer you information about the city sights, institutions, restaurants, public transportation or any other tip that you may find useful. Octavian and Mihai will offer you Accommodation, in the true sense of the word.

What you need to do?

Give them a call. Mention the fact that you are one of our clients and they will offer you the best services. Let them know what kind of accommodation you need, in which city area, if you want a house or an apartment, how many rooms, the available budget and other necessary information that you can share. Most often, Octavian and Mihai have the resources to find the perfect accommodation in the shortest time. They will present you their portfolio and visit with you the place that you chose. Also, after you’ve decided, they will offer assistance regarding the drafting of the rental contract in both languages (Romanian and English) and they will make sure that you will adapt to your new home as soon as possible. For the entire rental period you will have a contact person on behalf of the agency that you can count on, regardless of your problem.

Their main office is located in Tirgu Mures, 56A Tudor Vladimirescu Street.

Give them a call to set up a meeting or for any other information that you may need. Lotus Real Estate Agency is eager to make your accommodation experience in Tirgu Mures be delightful.


“Lotus” – LTS MURES SRL, Real Estate Agency

Address: 56A Tudor Vladimirescu Street, 540014 Tirgu Mures

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