main services included

  • Certificate of Good Standing

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  • Certificate of Conformity

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  • Bachelor and Supplement targeted at CNRED

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  • Translation of all documents

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 1 . Complete file registering for selected University.

 2 . We translate all the documents that you need from any language (see languages) Full Educational Translation.

 3 . All Certify Copies that you need from public notarry.

 4 . Notary Legalization of translation.

 5 . Complete File Management (not included).

 6 . Early Admission (not included).

 7 . Complete file registering for selected University in Regular Admission period.

 8 . Legal Advising – For the entire admission process, you will be assisted and advised by a legal consultant.

 9 . Educational Cunsultancy (not included).

 10 . Wordlwide Papers Delivery by Romanian Post Office – 7 days (can be modified with DHL for a fee).

 11 . Direct Delivery to UMF (not included).

 12 . Accomodation (not included).

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Aply to 1 University Plan

Aply to 1 University Plan

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